Hagen-Haspe Germany, has a history as a blue-collar hamlet.

With a local economy largely supported by Cast Iron manufacturing, Hagen-Haspe is ripe with hardworking, intelligent, creative workers.

Tobias Moeller was born in Hagen-Haspe, as was his Mother and Grandfather. Raised and educated in his family tradition, Moeller began his ascent to Journeyman in his home town. Learning as an apprentice between 1996 and 1999, Moeller received a well balanced education Haspe-01in a small custom shop.

Following his love of all things nature, Moeller followed his passion to the University of Freiburger and pursued an education under the Faculty of Forestry. During this time, Moeller was educated on the origins of wood process and sustainability, knowledge that would be serve him well throughout his career.

In 2005, Moeller moved to Canada to work in the Haliburton Forest, working predominantly with multi-use forests learning the assets from all parts of the tree. In 2007, Moeller followed his future wife Meaghan to Edmonton, where he re-entered the wood shop, getting back into cabinet making and learning cnc machinery to round out his education.

In 2009, Moeller opened his shop in Port Hope and has operated out of it ever since. Moeller specializes in Cabinet making and has a wide skill set, producing a variety of custom furniture and installation.